Pierce The Veil

Pierce The Veil

Max Ratek, the Michelangelo of Wall Street takeover artists, quietly plots a takeover battle for a Cuyahoga Falls-headquartered tire company. Ratek’s plan goes awry when the tire company’s investor relations professional, who is battling the ravages of MS, prematurely discovers Ratek’s scheme and launches a preemptive first strike against this titanic robber baron.

Put-in-Bay resident and Washington Post investigative reporter Emerson Moore discovers Ratek’s sinister plan. Emerson is drawn into the abyss of corporate intrigue as he chases the story amid sailing adventures, an executive’s mysterious murder, an explosion at Perry’s Monument, a ruthless CEO and covert scheming and backstabbing as well as a cool, beautiful blonde ice queen who works for Ratek.

Pierce the Veil and its extraordinary cast of characters takes readers behind the chilling scenes of corporate life to an unexpected, thrilling climax.