eBook Version of ‘The Other Side of Hell’ Released on Amazon

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eBook Version of ‘The Other Side of Hell’ Released on Amazon

Wooster, OH — 01/15/2013 — With a growing demand for his work, author Bob Adamov is

delighted to announce an eBook version of his latest novel, ‘The Other Side of Hell’.

Originally released on paper in 2008, the book continues his hugely-popular Emerson Moore

series and Lake Erie Island best-sellers.


In 1944 a mysterious German raider from Hitler’s pirate fleet disappears in the Caribbean. A

Soviet Navy frigate, sunk off Grand Cayman Island years later, holds a key secret to the Cuban

Missile Crisis.

A tragedy on the dangerous wintry ice of Lake Erie causes Washington Post investigative

reporter EMERSON MOORE to escape to the Cayman Islands after a brief stop in Key West for

Put-in-Bay Days where his ex-Navy SEAL friend, SAM DUNCAN, faced an assassination


In the Cayman Islands, MOORE is pulled into the intrigue surrounding nefarious Jamaican drug

lord, PRYCE CLARKE, and his surreptitious underwater activities in Boatswain’s Bay off of

DiveTech. At the same time, MOORE’s curiosity involves him in the search for the missing

German raider and he uncovers the surprising twist as to what the Soviet Union had planned for

the United States during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The provocative cast of characters also includes legendary Put-in-Bay island singer MIKE

“MAD DOG” ADAMS, an attractive and reticent Jamaican woman, a furtive Royal Caymanian

Police Superintendent and the rapscallions at Durty Reid’s Bar and Grille in Red Bay.

From the wintry ice of the Lake Erie islands to the warm island breezes of the Cayman Islands,

The Other Side of Hell delivers a pirate raid, a series of murders and suspenseful underwater

scuba action, and exciting explorations of the enchanting waters.

As the author explains, he enjoys creating the adventure and excitement that his readers crave.

“People demand good and hard-hitting literature. This is the beauty of a series; you can continue

to satisfy the demand that your growing readership creates. By connecting with and listening to

readers, they can also help shape the story and really immerse themselves in the middle of the

action,” says Adamov.