FLIGHT | Put-in-Bay to Key West to Cuba



Prequel to Assateague Dark

From Put-in-Bay to Key West to Cuba

In 1928 a Pinkerton detective in a Ford trimotor plane chases a Flagler treasure train to Key West during the Okeechobee Hurricane. Neither makes their destination.

Put-in-Bay’s investigative reporter, Emerson Moore, learns of this mystery during a visit to Bellevue, Ohio’s train museum. Working on a Cuba to Key West drug trafficking story, Moore goes undercover in a Key West bar, hoping to connect with a powerful Cuban drug lord while he also investigates the plane’s and train’s disappearance.

Amidst several murder attempts, Moore finds himself challenged to survive – especially when two characters appear from Moore’s past who could reveal his true identity.

Assisted by a Cudjoe Key defense contractor, Moore is transported covertly to Cuba. There he encounters a seductive Georgia woman searching for her lost brother, a DEA agent, and the two team up to infiltrate the drug lord’s lair in the towering Sierra Maestra mountains.

After a series of mishaps, a seriously wounded and barely alive Moore flees down the mountainside into the jungle with his pursuers hot on his heels. Will he survive this deadly adventure?

Flight is a colorfully-cast novel with a mix of tantalizing clues and unpredictable turns that captures the flavor of island life in Key West and Cuba.