"Bob Adamov is a superb craftsman of hanging-on-the-edge-of-your-seat mystery adventures..."
- Midwest Book Review

One of Publish Ohio's Favorite Authors

Named 2022's Best Lake Erie Author
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Rainbow’s End

20th Anniversary Edition

A Confederate raiding party from Canada commandeers a Lake Erie ferry boat in Put-in-Bay and plans to free 2,000 Confederate prisoners on nearby Johnson Island while a spy schemes to destroy Lake Erie’s sole Union gunboat in Sandusky Bay.

The raid is complicated by a seedy French-Canadian, a mysterious trunk and a body found on Rattlesnake Island where rainbows end.

One hundred forty plus years later, Emerson Moore, a Washington Post investigative reporter struggling with the tragic death of his wife and son, returns to visit his aunt in Put-in-Bay where he incurs the animosity of a wealthy shipping magnate who lives in a ship’s bow on South Bass Island’s west side.

Moore meets an Ohio State University professor who is studying the island’s caves and encounters a number of challenges when he falls in love with the professor’s married daughter with whom he shares a haunting memory from his boyhood island days and solves the mystery of the missing trunk.

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White Spider Night

From Put-in-Bay to Middle Bass Island

After Labor Day, the residents of South Bass Island and its popular resort village of Put-in-Bay were looking forward to a calm fall following a busy summer. That changed when they were shaken by the news that one of their well-liked bed & breakfast owners had disappeared.

Elke White’s disappearance appeared suspicious to police from the get-go, and investigators soon focused on her husband, Spider. Rumors abounded about marital strife and an affair.

Did Elke run away from her troubles or was her disappearance a homicide? And what was the motive? Who was responsible? And what about the connection to Middle Bass Island? Suspects were lining up like planes waiting to land at an airport.

Emerson Moore finds himself entangled in a spiderweb full of mystery as he investigates her disappearance. It’s a scrambled jigsaw puzzle of suspects.

Sunset Blues by Bob Adamov

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Sunset Blues

Put-in-Bay to Detroit to Key West

A mysterious explosion destroys the bayfront home of investigative reporter Emerson Moore’s Aunt Anne in Put-in-Bay. His aunt has vanished.  Was she kidnapped? Is there a connection to the nefarious activities by Russians running London-style taxis on Lake Erie’s South Bass Island and in Key West? Is her apparent abduction part of a vendetta against Moore?

Moore initially enlists island entertainer Mike “Mad Dog” Adams to help uncover the clues to finding his aunt. Their search takes them from a major scuffle in Detroit with drug lord Ruslan Zharkov to Key West where they recruit a team of easily sidetracked and hilarious reprobates led by local mischief-maker Chuck Meier.

As the tension mounts and the net tightens, Moore has the unsettling feeling that the worst has befallen his aunt. Along the way, Moore uncovers a shocking surprise as to who was behind her disappearance – someone who has a score to settle with Moore.

Book Reviews 

Memory Layne “Memory Layne reminds me of Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook!” – Charles Meier, Key West author and star of the Science Channel’s The Curse of The Bermuda Triangle

With his white beard and red suspenders, his salty good humor, harmonica, and bucket of tall tales, Zeke Layne is one of those memorable characters you can still occasionally find - whether it be a Chincoteague Island waterman or retired Cape Cod fisherman or charter boat skipper in the Florida Keys, or in the case of Memory Layne, Bob Adamov’s poignant word portrait, a former Miller ferry boat captain on Lake Erie. 

Zeke lives with his daughter, teenage granddaughter and golden lab in an old mobile home, built on steel pilings at the Miller Ferry Catawba dock, with a view from his deck of South Bass Island. Alzheimer’s and a worrisome heart condition haven’t stopped him from his daily routine of entertaining passengers waiting at the Catawba dock to board the ferry or caring for his Chincoteague pony. It’s not a bad life, even having to deal with two rapacious stepdaughters and their biker pals. 

But when the unthinkable happens, Zeke must summon all his fading resources in a madcap dash to a safe haven. Adamov populates his story with a cast of unforgettable characters who teach us about the power of love, and prove, as Hemingway once said, that man can be destroyed, but not defeated. Memory Layne is a thoroughly enjoyable read. - Paul Kemprecos, New York Times best-selling author.

Flight Named as one of 2019’s Best Novels - Akron Beacon Journal  "an inherently riveting novel and one that showcases author Bob Adamov's genuine flair for originality, deftly crafted and memorable characters, as well as more plot twists and turns than a Coney Island roller coaster.  - Midwest Book Review   

Chincoteague Calm  "A Great Local Book" - Eastern Shore of Virginia Tourism “Another deftly crafted gem of a mystery novel by an author with a genuine flair for truly riveting narrative storytelling along with the creation of impressively memorable characters”- Midwest Book Review  “Adamov sprinkles his story with real-life people, eateries and color spots.” -Akron Beacon Journal

Golden Torpedo "Adventure story has many twists" - Akron Beacon Journal -"LOVE the way this author writes. He keeps you guessing and enthralled. His plots--total fiction but with a historical bent."- Micki's Hope Reviews

Missing "Runner Up" - 2015 Great Midwest Book Festival – Named as one of 2015’s Best Novels - Akron Beacon Journal- "This book is like slipping on a pair of broken-in boat moccasins - comfortable and familiar." - Cleveland Magazine - A compelling and entertaining novel by a compelling and entertaining novelist, "Missing" clearly documents author Bob Adamov as a master of the action/adventure genre - Midwest Book Review

Zenobia "Honorable Mention“ - Florida Book Festival – “Honorable Mention!” – Great Midwest Book Festival - This is a serious hard boiled thriller in the same style of writing as Clive Cussler... - Lynn Parker at - Named as One of the Best mystery books for book clubs for 2015 by Lynn Farris of

Sandustee “Rated 5 Stars - Sandustee is a thriller! ”- Midwest Book Review - “A globe-hopping adventure.” – Akron Beacon Journal – “Honorable Mention!” – Great Midwest Book Festival

Tan Lines Named as one of 2010’s Best Novels - Akron Beacon Journal “A perennial American tale well told. This reaffirmation of the interdependence of the fourth estate and the presidency is timely and important.” – The US Review of Books “Rated 5 Stars! …An exciting read that shouldn’t be missed!” – Midwest Book Review “…will certainly be well received by his fans!” –

The Other Side of Hell “A Great Read!” – Clive Cussler “A Clive Cussler-style plot!” – Northeast Dive Magazine “Rated 5 Stars! ” – Midwest Book Review “Honorable Mention” – 2008 New York Book Festival

Promised Land “Rated 5 Stars! Promised Land is a rush of nail-biting excitement, sure to keep the reader's attention glued to the last page.” – The Midwest Book Review “Honorable Mention” – 2007 Hollywood Book Festival, 2007 London Book Festival  One of 2006’s best novels in Northeast Ohio! – Akron Beacon Journal

When Rainbows Walk “Rated 5 Stars! Bob Adamov is a superb craftsman of hanging-on-the-edge-of-your-seat mystery adventures…” – The Midwest Book Review One of 2005’s best novels in Northeast Ohio! – Akron Beacon Journal “This series is a must read for any diver or Clive Cussler fan!” – Visibility Divers’ Magazine

Pierce the Veil “Rated 5 Stars! …an ever-escalating saga of power and fierce competition, heating up to a spectacular climax.” – The Midwest Book Review Named as one of the best novels in 2004 in Northeast Ohio! – Akron Beacon Journal

Rainbow’s End “2003 Great Lakes Book Award Finalist!” – Great Lakes Booksellers Association “Rated 5 Stars…Highly Recommended!”- Midwest Book Review

Bob Adamov

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