Tan Lines

Tan Lines Cover

FROM LAKE ERIE’S PUT-IN-BAY TO THE WHITE HOUSE Something is killing the perch in Lake Erie. Is it bioterrorism or a new fish kill virus? When incumbent United States President RICHARD BENSON and the Canadian Prime Minister visit the Lake Erie Islands’ Stone Lab for a meeting and walleye fishing, BENSON disappears. It’s two days before BENSON stands for renomination at the party’s national convention in Cleveland.

When WILLIAM TAGGART, head of the Presidential Protection Detail, accuses Washington Post investigative reporter EMERSON MOORE of attempting to assassinate the U.S. President, MOORE escapes and a massive hunt is initiated to capture MOORE. The hunt is soon expanded to include missing Secret Service Agent KENFIELD VALERO and a mysterious, unidentified third party.

Amidst a sniper’s assassination attempt, a covert terrorist in Grosse Ile, a series of unsolved murders, a rogue Put-in-Bay police officer, an illicit love affair, arson, Pirates’ Week festivities, a terrorist bomb threat in Put-in-Bay, a bus crashing on board the Miller Ferry, boat chases, and a bikini contest; MOORE tries to stay one step ahead of his would-be captors as he works to clear his name and find the President.

From the tranquil Lake Erie Islands, the race through Lakeside, Marblehead and Vermilion to the convention in Cleveland climaxes with a surprising twist! It’s a fast-paced action adventure!