Rainbows End

Rainbow's End

January 1864 – President Jefferson Davis directs Colonel Shelby Harrington to lead a Confederate raiding party from Canada to commandeer a Lake Erie ferry boat in the island town of Put-in-Bay and free 2,000 Confederate officers held in the nearby Johnson Island prison camp. A Confederate spy in Sandusky, Ohio schemes to provide horses and weapons for the escapees and to destroy Lake Erie’s sole Union gunboat which protects the prison.

The raid is complicated with the assignment of a seedy French-Canadian accomplice to guide the Colonel, international intrigue by foreign nations and members of Lincoln’s cabinet, and a mysterious trunk which the Colonel must transport directly to Jefferson Davis’ office at the completion of the raid.

A dead body is found on Rattlesnake Island, where rainbows end, and a hundred thirty plus year search commences for a missing trunk and its contents.

June 2001 – Just before the Fourth of July holiday, Emerson Moore, a Washington Post investigative reporter struggling with the tragic death of his wife and son, visits his aunt in Put-in-Bay where he incurs the animosity of wealthy shipping magnate, Jacques L’Hoste, and his sinister son, Francois.

From the bow section of his fleet’s pride, the SAUVIGNON, which is perched on a promontory on the island’s western side, L’Hoste plots revenge against the islanders for chasing his rogue great-grandfather out of Put-in-Bay in the 1860’s.

Emerson Moore meets an Ohio State professor who is studying the island’s caves, falls in love with the professor’s married daughter and experiences challenges with her drunken husband who works for the L’Hostes. He shares with her a haunting memory from his boyhood days spent on the island with his cousin and fights to control his passionate feelings for her.

The Put-in-Bay resort town on South Bass Island and the neighboring islands provide the backdrop for an action packed novel including hit and run accidents, murder, arson, sailing adventures, dangerous cave explorations, boat and helicopter chases and ultralight flights as well as sordid confrontations in Put-in-Bay’s crowded bars.