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Golden Torpedo

From Put-in-Bay to Washington, Key West, Tampa and New Orleans

Put-in-Bay-based investigative reporter Emerson Moore is pulled into a complex series of incidents which link a sunken World War II u-boat on a special assignment to FDR’s death in 1945 to terrorists on a deadly mission. Moore must connect the threads before the terrorists wreak havoc using drones on a key Florida military site and a New Orleans world leaders’ conference.
In Key West, Moore joins renowned shipwreck hunter Willie Wilbanks as they team up with a Turkish underwater archeologist, his ravishing daughter/research assistant, and a motley crew of misfits on a dangerous adventure in the Straits of Florida to find the sunken u-boat. When disaster strikes, Moore and Wilbanks find themselves adrift at sea with little hope for rescue.
Racing against time, Moore is sucker-punched on his most thrilling journey yet. GOLDEN TORPEDO is a gripping epic of danger as Moore follows a trail that leads to treachery and a deadly climax.




From Put-in-Bay to Detroit to Grosse Ile to Cedar Key to Wooster to Northeast Ohio

Ace Put-in-Bay-based investigative reporter EMERSON MOORE has the tables cruelly turned on him following the murder trial and conviction of Detroit mobster, JIMMY DIAMONDS. During a wildly daring prison van hijacking and go-fast boat escape on the Detroit River, Moore incurs a severe head injury during a gun battle. When the getaway boat is found abandoned on Lake Erie, Moore is missing.

That’s not all that’s missing. When Diamonds learns that Moore’s memory is missing, he convinces Moore that he’s Manny Elias, one of organized crime’s top hitmen. Moore/Elias is whisked to the backwaters of Cedar Key, Florida by Mafioso FAT FREDDY FABRIZIO to be “retrained” in the art of killing. Moore/Elias later surfaces in Ohio where Diamonds uses him to take revenge on former criminal associates in Detroit, Columbus, Cleveland and Chagrin Falls.

Completing one deadly assignment after another, Moore/Elias is unable to reveal his identity to a beautiful woman he befriends near his Wooster hideout. A confrontation with rival hitman SANTORO at a Lake Erie marina leads to the eventual death of one person who holds the key to Elias’ true identity.

The novel is fast-moving and action-packed. It shows emotional turmoil as Moore/Elias struggles with the trauma of his memory loss and an inherent ethical dilemma with cold-blooded murder. It’s further complicated when two of Moore’s ex-SEAL buddies, MIKE “MAD DOG” ADAMS and SAM DUNCAN, find themselves in the cross hairs of Moore’s weapon and Moore/Elias is ordered to kill them in what is another exciting showdown and satisfying finish to a complex series of twists and turns.


Zenobia: The Patriot Way

From Croatia to Put-in-Bay to Toledo to Naples In 1991, a young EMERSON MOORE is given his first major investigative reporting assignment. He becomes ensnarled in the midst of the Serbian-Croatian war in Vukovar, Croatia. Moore gets in the cross hairs of a blood-thirsty Serbian paramilitary commander MARKO MARINKOVIC, known as the VUK (Serbian for Wolf), and his wolf pack. Besides committing atrocities against the Croatians, the Vuk is involved in international human trafficking and covets a beautiful, young Croatian orphan girl, whom Moore tries to protect. The story advances to current time with Moore enjoying life in the Lake Erie island resort village of Put-in-Bay when a woman’s murder and the disappearance of two teens entangle Moore in the world of international trafficking. Moore goes undercover in the trafficking gateway city of Toledo, Ohio, and finds himself transporting victims along the I-75 corridor to the BOSS in Naples, Florida. Moore’s life is further complicated when the Vuk resurfaces and is intent on finishing off Moore. From dodging bullets and incoming shells in Croatia to the horrific death of his wife and child in Washington, D.C., Moore rides a roller coaster of emotional twists and turns, plunging him to the depths of despair and taking him to the heights of redemption. Filled with an array of colorful characters, Zenobia bursts with action and intrigue.



If you liked National Treasure and DaVinci Code, you’ll love Sandustee. It’s a worldwide chase for clues to finding a lost Biblical scroll, the Nazarene’s Code, which gives the holder the power to control nations. Running through the novel is a thread which links Osama Bin Laden to Jesus and the twelve disciples to Abraham Lincoln to Lincoln’s assassination to Booth’s escape to Dr. Samuel Mudd’s house to Mudd’s imprisonment in the Dry Tortugas. The thread is the Legend of 13; words with thirteen letters have stunning implications on the plot line.


Tan Lines

“Named as one of 2010’s Best Novels “- Akron Beacon Journal “A perennial American tale well told. This reaffirmation of the interdependence of the fourth estate and the presidency is timely and important.” – The US Review of Books “Rated 5 Stars! …An exciting read that shouldn’t be missed!” – Midwest Book Review “…will certainly be well received by his fans!” –

FROM LAKE ERIE’S PUT-IN-BAY TO THE WHITE HOUSE Something is killing the perch in Lake Erie. Is it bioterrorism or a new fish kill virus? When incumbent United States President RICHARD BENSON and the Canadian Prime Minister visit the Lake Erie Islands’ Stone Lab for a meeting and walleye fishing, BENSON disappears. It’s two days before BENSON stands for renomination at the party’s national convention in Cleveland.


The Other Side of Hell

“A Great Read!” – Clive Cussler

“A Clive Cussler-style plot!” – Northeast Dive Magazine

“Rated 5 Stars! ” – Midwest Book Review

“Honorable Mention” – 2008 New York Book Festival

A tragedy on the dangerous wintry ice of Lake Erie causes Washington Post investigative reporter EMERSON MOORE to escape to the Cayman Islands. There, he is drawn into the intrigue surrounding nefarious Jamaican drug lord, PRYCE CLARKE, and his surreptitious underwater activities in Boatswain’s Bay off of DiveTech. At the same time, MOORE stumbles across information regarding the missing German raider and uncovers a deadly Soviet Union plan for the United States during the Cuban Missile Crisis.


Promised Land

“Rated 5 Stars! Promised Land is a rush of nail-biting excitement, sure to keep the reader’s attention glued to the last page.” – The Midwest Book Review

“Honorable Mention” – 2007 Hollywood Book Festival, 2007 London Book Festival

“One of 2006’s best novels in Northeast Ohio!” – Akron Beacon Journal

Vatican Intrigue Meets Hurricane Katrina

A Vatican envoy on a secret mission is murdered and his invaluable gold cross is stolen during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The cross and its hidden message surface in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hits in August 2005.



When Rainbows Walk

“Rated 5 Stars! Bob Adamov is a superb craftsman of hanging-on-the-edge-of-your-seat mystery adventures…” – The Midwest Book Review

“One of 2005’s best novels in Northeast Ohio!” – Akron Beacon Journal

“This series is a must read for any diver or Clive Cussler fan!” – Visibility Divers’ Magazine

From Israel to Spain to New York City to Key West to Put-in-Bay

When the treasure-laden Spanish galleon, The Atocha, sinks off the Marquesas Islands during a 1622 hurricane, its $400 million in treasure remains untouched for 351 years until it is discovered by treasure hunter, Mel Fisher, and moved to Mel Fisher’s Treasure Museum in Key West.


Pierce The Veil

“Rated 5 Stars! …an ever-escalating saga of power and fierce competition, heating up to a spectacular climax.” – The Midwest Book Review

“Named as one of the best novels in 2004 in Northeast Ohio!” – Akron Beacon Journal

Max Ratek, the Michelangelo of Wall Street takeover artists, quietly plots a takeover battle for a Cuyahoga Falls-headquartered tire company. Ratek’s plan goes awry when the tire company’s investor relations professional, who is battling the ravages of MS, prematurely discovers Ratek’s scheme and launches a preemptive first strike against this titanic robber baron.


Rainbow’s End

“2003 Great Lakes Book Award Finalist!” – Great Lakes Booksellers Association

“Rated 5 Stars…Highly Recommended!”- Midwest Book Review

The Put-in-Bay resort town on South Bass Island and the neighboring islands provide the backdrop for an action packed novel including hit and run accidents, murder, arson, sailing adventures, dangerous cave explorations, boat and helicopter chases and ultralight flights as well as sordid confrontations in Put-in-Bay’s crowded bars.