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  • Sunset Blues by Bob Adamov

    SUNSET BLUES | Put-In-Bay to Detroit to Key West

    A mysterious explosion destroys the bayfront home of investigative reporter Emerson Moore’s Aunt Anne in Put-in-Bay. His aunt has vanished.  Was she kidnapped? Is there a connection to the nefarious activities by Russians running London-style taxis on Lake Erie’s South Bass Island and in Key West? Is her apparent abduction part of a vendetta against Moore?

    Moore initially enlists island entertainer Mike “Mad Dog” Adams to help uncover the clues to finding his aunt. Their search takes them from a major scuffle in Detroit with drug lord Ruslan Zharkov to Key West where they recruit a team of easily sidetracked and hilarious reprobates led by local mischief-maker Chuck Meier.

    Can You Order Tramadol Online As the tension mounts and the net tightens, Moore has the unsettling feeling that the worst has befallen his aunt. Along the way, Moore uncovers a shocking surprise as to who was behind her disappearance – someone who has a score to settle with Moore.

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    With the clock ticking, the stakes are stacked against successfully finding her alive. As Moore struggles emotionally just to get through each day with little progress, he finds himself on a collision course with the cunning Zharkov.

    Sunset Blues is a fast-paced, action-packed, mystery adventure with ambushes, deadly shootouts, betrayal, cruelty and cast of unforgettable characters.

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  • Memory Layne Cover

    MEMORY LAYNE | Catawba Island to Chincoteague Island Set on the Miller Ferry’s Catawba Island dock on Lake Erie, Memory Layne is the story of Zeke Layne, a retired ferry captain with a mischievous bent. He resides in a trailer on stilts over the rocks on Lake Erie’s picturesque shore. His caring daughter and teenage granddaughter help him battle his advancing Alzheimer’s and heart condition until one day a tragic event changes his life.

    This warm and entertaining story is filled with a rambunctious group of characters including two evil, money-grabbing stepdaughters and two over-the-top bikers. It’s a heart-touching story of Layne’s love for his Golden Lab and granddaughter – and an adventurous road trip with their Chincoteague pony.

    “Memory Layne reminds me of Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook!” – Charles Meier, Key West author and star of the Science Channel’s The Curse of The Bermuda Triangle  

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  • ASSATEAGUE DARK | Put-In-Bay to the Delmarva Peninsula The story in brief: Investigative reporter Emerson Moore heads to Chincoteague Island to recover from physical and mental wounds brought on by his near-death escape in Cuba. He decides to ponder his future and rest quietly in the home of legendary Chincoteague Island duck carver Roe “Duc-Man” Terry, but his peaceful idyll is disrupted when he becomes embroiled in a drug trafficking operation on the Delmarva Peninsula.

    Tramadol Medication Online With the help of Roe Terry and Chuck “Big Daddy” Meier, Moore’s investigation unearths information that results in a lethal confrontation with drug lord Max Steiner at Steiner’s Kings Creek waterfront fortress in Cape Charles. Moore accompanies the Drug Task Force on several raids in hopes of building a case that will stick against the slippery Steiner, but the closer he comes to nailing Steiner, the odds stacked against him become deadly.

    Accustomed to perilous working conditions, Moore must leverage every bit of his skill and fearless daring to survive as he finds himself one foot in the grave…especially when he ends up unceremoniously dumped into a sealed coffin. Will he be able to escape, or will this be the end of Mr. Emerson Moore? Set on Virginia’s Delmarva Peninsula, the plot includes the annual Chincoteague Pony Swim; a lethal encounter in a Cape Charles restaurant; and shoot-outs near Accomac, Ocean City and the Redeye Fishing Club, plus an ensemble of spirited reprobates. Assateague Dark is filled with pulse-pounding, non-stop excitement and high stakes action.

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