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  • Golden Torpedo

    From Put-in-Bay to Washington, Key West, Tampa and New Orleans
    Put-in-Bay-based investigative reporter Emerson Moore is pulled into a complex series of incidents which link a sunken World War II u-boat on a special assignment to FDR’s death in 1945 to terrorists on a deadly mission. Moore must connect the threads before the terrorists wreak havoc using drones on a key Florida military site and a New Orleans world leaders’ Buying Ambien In Canada conference.
    In Key West, Moore joins renowned shipwreck hunter Willie Wilbanks as they team up with a Turkish underwater archeologist , his ravishing daughter/research assistant, and a motley crew of misfits on a dangerous adventure in the Straits of Florida to find the sunken u-boat. When disaster strikes, Moore and Wilbanks find themselves adrift at sea with little hope for rescue.
    Racing against time, Moore is sucker-punched on his most thrilling journey yet. GOLDEN TORPEDO is a gripping epic of danger as Moore follows a trail that leads to treachery and a deadly climax .  

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  • Missing by Bob Adamov


    Zolpidem Online India From Put-in-Bay to Detroit to Grosse Ile to Cedar Key to Wooster to Northeast Ohio

    Buy Ambien Cr From Canada Ace Put-in-Bay-based investigative reporter EMERSON MOORE has the tables cruelly turned on him following the murder trial and conviction of Detroit mobster, JIMMY DIAMONDS. During a wildly daring prison van hijacking and go-fast boat escape on the Detroit River, Moore incurs a severe head injury during a gun battle. When the getaway boat is found abandoned on Lake Erie, Moore is missing. That’s not all that’s missing. When Diamonds learns that Moore’s memory is missing, he convinces Moore that he’s Manny Elias, one of organized crime’s top hitmen. Moore/Elias is whisked to the backwaters of Cedar Key, Florida by Mafioso FAT FREDDY FABRIZIO to be “retrained” in the art of killing. Moore/Elias later surfaces in Ohio where Diamonds uses him to take revenge on former criminal associates in Detroit, Columbus, Cleveland and Chagrin Falls.

    Completing one deadly assignment after another, Moore/Elias is unable to reveal his identity to a beautiful woman he befriends near his Wooster hideout. A confrontation with rival hitman SANTORO at a Lake Erie marina leads to the eventual death of one person who holds the key to Elias’ true identity. The novel is fast-moving and action-packed. It shows emotional turmoil as Moore/Elias struggles with the trauma of his memory loss and an inherent ethical dilemma with cold-blooded murder. It’s further complicated when two of Moore’s ex-SEAL buddies, MIKE “MAD DOG” ADAMS and SAM DUNCAN, find themselves in the cross hairs of Moore’s weapon and Moore/Elias is ordered to kill them in what is another exciting showdown and satisfying finish to a complex series of twists and turns.
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