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  • Sawdust Joint

    Sawdust Joint Sawdust Joint promises to be the most exciting Emerson Moore adventure yet as he finds his physical endurance and mental capabilities pushed beyond their normal limits. Filled with casino action, a bevy of beautiful femme fatales, dangerous mountain road chases, treacherous cliff face climbing, incarceration in a Moroccan prison and high technology, Moore matches wits with a diabolical villain who is one of the most dangerous men he has encountered.
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  • Book Cover

    Rainbow’s End – 20th Anniversary Edition

    A Confederate raiding party from Canada commandeers a Lake Erie ferry boat in Put-in-Bay and plans to free 2,000 Confederate prisoners on nearby Johnson Island while a spy schemes to destroy Lake Erie’s sole Union gunboat in Sandusky Bay.

    The raid is complicated by a seedy French-Canadian, a mysterious trunk and a body found on Rattlesnake Island where rainbows end.

    Buy Cheap Tramadol One hundred forty plus years later, Emerson Moore, a Washington Post investigative reporter struggling with the tragic death of his wife and son, returns to visit his aunt in Put-in-Bay where he incurs the animosity of a wealthy shipping magnate who lives in a ship’s bow on South Bass Island’s west side.

    Tramadol Sverige Online Emerson Moore finds himself entangled in a spiderweb full of mystery as he investigates her disappearance. It’s a scrambled jigsaw puzzle of suspects.

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  • White Spider NIght | Put-In-Bay to Middle Bass Island

    After Labor Day, the residents of South Bass Island and its popular resort village of Put-in-Bay were looking forward to a calm fall following a busy summer. That changed when they were shaken by the news that one of their well-liked bed & breakfast owners had disappeared. Elke White’s disappearance appeared suspicious to police from the get-go, and investigators soon focused on her husband, Spider. Rumors abounded about marital strife and an affair.

    Did Elke run away from her troubles or was her disappearance a homicide? And what was the motive? Who was responsible? And what about the connection to Middle Bass Island? Suspects were lining up like planes waiting to land at an airport. Emerson Moore finds himself entangled in a spiderweb full of mystery as he investigates her disappearance. It’s a scrambled jigsaw puzzle of suspects.

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  • Sunset Blues by Bob Adamov

    SUNSET BLUES | Put-In-Bay to Detroit to Key West

    A mysterious explosion destroys the bayfront home of investigative reporter Emerson Moore’s Aunt Anne in Put-in-Bay. His aunt has vanished.  Was she kidnapped? Is there a connection to the nefarious activities by Russians running London-style taxis on Lake Erie’s South Bass Island and in Key West? Is her apparent abduction part of a vendetta against Moore? Moore initially enlists island entertainer Mike “Mad Dog” Adams to help uncover the clues to finding his aunt. Their search takes them from a major scuffle in Detroit with drug lord Ruslan Zharkov to Key West where they recruit a team of easily sidetracked and hilarious reprobates led by local mischief-maker Chuck Meier.

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    Tramadol Mastercard Fedex As the tension mounts and the net tightens, Moore has the unsettling feeling that the worst has befallen his aunt. Along the way, Moore uncovers a shocking surprise as to who was behind her disappearance – someone who has a score to settle with Moore.

    Ordering Tramadol Online Legal With the clock ticking, the stakes are stacked against successfully finding her alive. As Moore struggles emotionally just to get through each day with little progress, he finds himself on a collision course with the cunning Zharkov. Sunset Blues is a fast-paced, action-packed, mystery adventure with ambushes, deadly shootouts, betrayal, cruelty and cast of unforgettable characters.

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